Telling a Story in 1.1 Million Characters

12 Dec 2012 - No Comments

Whew! It was a crazy busy day at the Dec. 6 Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston. I’ve served as social media/digital director for this conference (and two others) for five years, and this time we almost blew up the Internet.

With a sold-out crowd of 8,000 and a top-notch speaker lineup, I knew social media sharing would be fast and furious. What I didn’t expect was that the hashtag #masswomen would become a #2 trending topic in the U.S. at one point during the conference. The combined viral impressions of 8,234 tweets (over a 10-day period) using #masswomen or @masswomen was more than 28 MILLION.

A carefully planned outreach strategy built buzz before, during and after the conference by informing and engaging: attendees, a social media “street team,” speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, volunteers, local bloggers, and supporting organizations. Live Twitter screens, visual reminders of the hashtag throughout printed and visual materials, live tweeting of key sessions, continued retweets, and curated highlights telling a visual story of the day extended the #masswomen conversation well past the event itself.

With this much exposure, it’s more important than ever to curate the stream and steer it in the right direction by providing quality takeaways that are easy to retweet.

We also encouraged attendees to use the hashtag on Instagram, which resulted in a unique and colorful view of the day through attendees’ eyes (or iphones).

More to come on what to do when 500 17-year-olds discover your event’s Twitter stream…