Willie Nelson and Bob Ross Share Hot Cheetos and Takis

28 Feb 2013 - No Comments

When Pinterest first debuted, I found it fascinating. I spent hours perusing holiday recipes I’d never try, stylish combos I’d never wear and utopian islands I’d never visit. I still visit occasionally for a quick burst of creativity and satire, but the board I most enjoy maintaining is one called “Videos I Show My Kids to Try to Make Them Well-Rounded.”

From pop culture to physics to creative art pieces, I pin the things I come across that I know they’d enjoy watching. Where else can you find early Willie Nelson, Bob Ross, “Hot Cheetos and Takis” and an explanation of the Fibonacci series? Will exposing them to a hodgepodge of short videos really make them well-rounded? Who knows. Will it at least start some neurons firing in their brains? I hope so.

And in honor of Austin’s ban on plastic bags, I’m going to play them one of my all-time favorites, “Canvas Bags” by Tim Minchin. Fortunately, it’s right here on my Pinterest board.

What are your favorite Pinterest boards?