Hill Country Science Mill

28 Aug 2014 - No Comments

I am excited to start work with a new client, the Hill Country Science Mill in Johnson City. This non-profit science center will open its doors in late 2014 as a place of discovery where the entire family will have an experience of interactive learning and creative thinking.

Although I’ve been to Johnson City a number of times and knew that it was the home of President Lyndon Baines Johnson, I hadn’t read up on its history until recently. The town is named for LBJ’s second cousin, James Polk Johnson, who in 1879 donated ranch land on the Pedernales River to create the town. On the banks of Town Creek, Polk established a steam-powered cotton gin and gristmill, which was later converted to a milling and grain operation that operated until the 1970’s. At some later point the mill was converted to the Feed Mill restaurant, and most people who have traveled through Johnson City remember the restaurant or recognize the colorful silos on the mill site.

These same silos, and the main mill buildings, are currently being refurbished and rebuilt in a fresh, airy space that nods to the history of the site while encouraging students to look to the future—as the next generation of scientists, engineers, and technologists. I can’t wait to see the finished product! Stay tuned by following HCSM on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Original grain silos will become new exhibit spaces at the Hill Country Science Mill in Johnson City.