Girl Scout Cookie Challenge 2015

18 Jan 2015 - No Comments

When my neighbor, Sophia, was young, she sold Girl Scout Cookies door to door with the best sales pitch I had ever heard. I would ask her how sales were going, and she would say something like, “Well, we’re finding that the direct sales route is really paying off this year, although yesterday I was in the HEB parking lot with a booth for two hours and we saw a 17% increase in customers over the previous week.” Of course I bought several boxes of Thin Mints.

But over the last few years, I’ve noticed fewer in-person cookie sales from Girl Scouts, and more parent-led sales. Why, I wonder? I still have Boy Scouts coming to my door to sell me popcorn. A quick look at the Girl Scouts’ website shows that there are great resources and very defined guidelines for selling in person and online, which makes perfect sense.

So to promote the benefits of entrepreneurship while respecting the Girl Scouts’ guidelines, I reissue last year’s challenge to Girl Scouts: I will buy a box of cookies from any girl who 1) sends me an email she wrote herself or 2) asks me directly to buy a box (meaning looked me in the eye and asked herself, rather than the booth parent). The best pitch will “win” the sale of an additional ten boxes (to the benefit and delight of my children and neighbors). Meet last year’s winner, Kate Schulle.

I had many friends share my Facebook status message: “To all the Girl Scouts I know: I am a strong advocate for female entrepreneurs! I will buy a box of cookies from every Girl Scout who asks me directly if I will buy a box, or sends me an email (via her parent) that she writes all by herself. It doesn’t matter where you live. I hope that turns into a lot of boxes!”

I reissue this challenge for the duration of cookie season 2015. I look forward to hearing from you, Scouts!