Time Travel on Airport Boulevard

08 Sep 2016 - No Comments

Approximately 52 people moved to Austin every day last year, and about 157 per day moved to the Central Texas region. I often find myself in parts of the city that I don’t recognize at all due to rapid development. Yet some parts remain, at least for now, iconic Austin. This spring, while driving on […]

People Do Good Things

05 Apr 2016 - No Comments

A few weeks ago, I noticed I was becoming increasingly distracted by, frustrated with and anxious about the state of the world. With a non-stop barrage of headlines about divisive politics and angry people, I made a decision. Rather than going down (and staying down) the rabbit hole of negativity, I started to focus on […]

Culturati Summit 2016

09 Mar 2016 - No Comments

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” —Peter Drucker I had the privilege of serving on the launch team of the inaugural Culturati Summit, an invitation-only gathering of C-level executives focused on corporate culture. Working with the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Central Texas and my long-time colleagues at Autumn Rich & Co., I launched and led social media […]

Gratitude for 20 Years of Self-Employment

02 Nov 2015 - No Comments

This week I celebrate 20 years since I launched my own business as a marketing communications strategist and content creator. As I reflect on the many projects on which I’ve worked over the years, I am filled with gratitude for several things: 1. The trust clients have placed in me to share their stories. Whether […]

My Five Favorite Keynotes from the Conferences for Women

29 May 2015 - No Comments

After more than eight years with the Pennsylvania, Texas, Massachusetts and Lead On Silicon Valley Conferences for Women, I am transitioning out of my day-to-day role managing social media. It’s been an incredible learning experience to: observe and adapt to the constant transition of digital communications meet and learn from countless brave women leaders hear […]

Sales Tips from a Girl Scout: Meet the Cookie Challenge Winner

01 Apr 2015 - No Comments

I am happy to announce the winner of my 2015 Girl Scout Cookie Challenge: Vivi Hirschfield! Vivi, age 9, learned about the challenge through her mother, a friend of a friend. Vivi called me directly and made an excellent sales pitch, describing her goal to sell 3,000 boxes this year. She explained why she enjoys […]

An Ode to Burnet Road

15 Feb 2015 - 1 Comment

When I was growing up in Georgetown, Texas, we frequently drove the 30 minutes to Austin for appointments, dinner, shopping or other Big City amenities. Before Mopac (Loop 1) was built, the alternative to taking I-35 into Austin was FM 1325, which eventually becomes Burnet Road. I knew that hitting Burnet Road at Anderson Lane […]

Girl Scout Cookie Challenge 2015

18 Jan 2015 - No Comments

When my neighbor, Sophia, was young, she sold Girl Scout Cookies door to door with the best sales pitch I had ever heard. I would ask her how sales were going, and she would say something like, “Well, we’re finding that the direct sales route is really paying off this year, although yesterday I was […]

Tea Leaves and Tweets: My Favorite Quotes from the 2014 Conferences for Women

19 Dec 2014 - No Comments

I’ve just wrapped up work on the 2014 season of the Pennsylvania, Texas and Massachusetts Conferences for Women, with 8,500, 6,000, and 10,000 attendees respectively. Part of leading social media for these conferences means that I live tweet highlights throughout the day from @PennWomen, @TexasWomen and @MassWomen. The conference days are so incredibly busy that […]

Yes, Put the PTA on Your Résumé

11 Oct 2014 - 1 Comment

I recently read a New York Times column about the “motherhood penalty vs. the fatherhood bonus.” The statistics about the wage gap and gender bias didn’t surprise me, but this line at the end stuck with me: “The data could be boiled down to hardheaded career advice: Men should festoon their desks with baby photos […]