Calling All Girl Scouts! An Entrepreneurial Challenge

19 Jan 2014 - No Comments

I love Thin Mints. I mean, I really love them. So it was with eager anticipation that I awaited Girl Scout cookie season this year. While we haven’t had a door-to-door visit from a Girl Scout in several years, I knew I could get my Thin Mint fix at a few well-placed cookie stands around the neighborhood.

But since cookie sales started, I haven’t seen a single Girl Scout. I have, however, seen several Facebook posts from well-meaning parents of Girl Scouts, asking “Who wants to buy cookies from xxx? Let me know how many boxes you want!”

Now, I’m all for parents helping their kids in entrepreneurial ventures, but I want to hear from those girls themselves! Isn’t the goal of this program to teach them goal-setting, budgeting, money management, and confidence?

So I recently posted this on my Facebook page:

I even upped the ante, promising to buy TEN additional boxes from the scout with the best sales pitch by the end of the sales period. So far I’ve received four emails, for three boxes of cookies and one donation to an out-of-town troop. I hope to get many more, because I’m ready to host a wine tasting cookie party.

Several friends have shared this update on their own Facebook pages—feel free to copy—and I look forward to hearing how many boxes you get!