Girl Scout Cookie Challenge 2015

18 Jan 2015 - No Comments

When my neighbor, Sophia, was young, she sold Girl Scout Cookies door to door with the best sales pitch I had ever heard. I would ask her how sales were going, and she would say something like, “Well, we’re finding that the direct sales route is really paying off this year, although yesterday I was […]

Tea Leaves and Tweets: My Favorite Quotes from the 2014 Conferences for Women

19 Dec 2014 - No Comments

I’ve just wrapped up work on the 2014 season of the Pennsylvania, Texas and Massachusetts Conferences for Women, with 8,500, 6,000, and 10,000 attendees respectively. Part of leading social media for these conferences means that I live tweet highlights throughout the day from @PennWomen, @TexasWomen and @MassWomen. The conference days are so incredibly busy that […]

Yes, Put the PTA on Your Résumé

11 Oct 2014 - No Comments

I recently read a New York Times column about the “motherhood penalty vs. the fatherhood bonus.” The statistics about the wage gap and gender bias didn’t surprise me, but this line at the end stuck with me: “The data could be boiled down to hardheaded career advice: Men should festoon their desks with baby photos […]

Interview in the Work at Home Woman

15 Sep 2014 - No Comments

I was honored to be asked by Holly Reisem Hanna of The Work at Home Woman to be featured in her interview series. Named by Forbes as one of the top 100 websites for your career, The Work at Home Woman is an advocate for telecommuting and home-based businesses that empower women to balance life […]

Hill Country Science Mill

28 Aug 2014 - No Comments

I am excited to start work with a new client, the Hill Country Science Mill in Johnson City. This non-profit science center will open its doors in late 2014 as a place of discovery where the entire family will have an experience of interactive learning and creative thinking. Although I’ve been to Johnson City a […]

JJ’s Fight Club: Branding Hope, Channeling Optimism

15 May 2014 - No Comments

I’ve been thinking a lot about my friend JJ Baskin. You’ll never meet a guy so genuinely pleased to meet you and so dedicated to making the world a better place. As his brother Steve describes: “JJ is a fanatical father, happy husband, spirited sports fan, convincing consultant and fearless friend. I have met few […]

11 Non-Trendy Things to Do, See and Eat in Austin

24 Apr 2014 - No Comments

Austin makes a lot of top-ten lists these days. From Buzzfeed’s 35 Things Everyone Should Do in Austin to KUT’s 24 Things Buzzfeed Didn’t Mention that Austinites ALSO Love, there is no lack of suggestions for things to do, places to see and tacos to eat while visiting Austin. I had the opportunity to create […]

5 Marketing Lessons Learned from a Girl Scout

28 Feb 2014 - No Comments

In January, I issued a challenge to Girl Scouts: I would buy a box of cookies from any girl who 1) sent me an email she wrote herself or 2) asked me directly to buy a box. The best pitch would “win” the sale of an additional ten boxes (to the benefit and delight of […]

Calling All Girl Scouts! An Entrepreneurial Challenge

19 Jan 2014 - No Comments

I love Thin Mints. I mean, I really love them. So it was with eager anticipation that I awaited Girl Scout cookie season this year. While we haven’t had a door-to-door visit from a Girl Scout in several years, I knew I could get my Thin Mint fix at a few well-placed cookie stands around […]

My Favorite Conference Social Media Tool

08 Dec 2013 - No Comments

With thousands of attendees, capturing the energy and spirit of huge events like the Pennsylvania, Texas and Massachusetts Conferences for Women in one succinct package is like trying to put a flock of birds back in a cage after they’ve been released. By live tweeting and moderating the Twitter stream all day, I get a […]