Green Before Green Was Cool

26 Nov 2013 - No Comments

I’m a big believer in reuse, reduce, recycle. I take full advantage of Austin’s single-stream recycling program, I have a backyard compost pile and I’ve kept reusable grocery bags in my car for years. So when I had the chance to work with Texas Disposal Systems on their new website (coming soon), I was thrilled […]

ROI Is Serious Business

27 Mar 2013 - No Comments

Last year I had the privilege of working on a marketing piece for the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. The 28-page brochure was a three-year report gauging the success of the school’s strategic plan. Working with the brilliant David Wenger, McCombs’ director of communication, and design firm Lewis Carnegie, […]

SXSW Hipster Hieroglyphics

08 Mar 2013 - No Comments

South by Southwest has returned to Austin, and flocks of hipsters are appearing in our neighborhood like the first robins of spring. In their honor (and with a tiny bit of input from me), my 11-year-old son created a hobo-like code they can scribble on sidewalks and street signs to share wisdom with their brethren. […]

Willie Nelson and Bob Ross Share Hot Cheetos and Takis

28 Feb 2013 - No Comments

When Pinterest first debuted, I found it fascinating. I spent hours perusing holiday recipes I’d never try, stylish combos I’d never wear and utopian islands I’d never visit. I still visit occasionally for a quick burst of creativity and satire, but the board I most enjoy maintaining is one called “Videos I Show My Kids […]

Tools of the Trade

06 Jan 2013 - No Comments

One of the best presents I received this Christmas was the Kodak folding camera that belonged to my great aunt. It now holds a place of honor on my desk next to the Remington Noiseless Portable I received from my grandfather’s cousin. On the other side of my desk, in stark contrast, sit my MacBook […]

Telling a Story in 1.1 Million Characters

12 Dec 2012 - No Comments

Whew! It was a crazy busy day at the Dec. 6 Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston. I’ve served as social media/digital director for this conference (and two others) for five years, and this time we almost blew up the Internet. With a sold-out crowd of 8,000 and a top-notch speaker lineup, I knew social […]

Glenn the Psychic Reader and Public Speaking

05 Nov 2012 - No Comments

When I was in my early 20s, I met some friends for dinner at the old Roppolo’s Pizzeria near The University of Texas campus. I also met Glenn the Psychic Reader, who predicted my future as a public speaker. Glenn was on the restaurant patio, advertising his services with a handmade sign. He accepted donations […]

What I Paid to Be Me

16 Oct 2012 - No Comments

Welcome to my shiny new website! Created by Apoterra Design, this is the third or fourth refresh of since I bought the domain in 1998. At that time, SEO and social media were not part of the Interweb vernacular, and a search for Anne Hébert pulled up a long list of sites referencing the […]